Kelvin Celcius

‘Kelvin Celcius started his love for electronic music when he was seventeen years old. Exploring the depths of different genres gave him a wide range of musical knowledge, which manifested in an addiction for more.

The obvious next step was starting out with DJing. After a few years of playing at clubs and festivals in and around Amsterdam it was time for the next step in his career. Developing his own sound in the form of crafting his own music. The journey has begun!

Pushing boundaries in his productions Kelvin developed a sound that is best described as stripped down, atmospheric and ongoing. All tracks of Kelvin Celcius have one aspect in mind; pure dance floor material.

Kelvin Celcius graduated at SAE with a Bachelor Degree in Audio Production in 2018. Besides crafting music Kelvin has done a wide range of mixing and mastering projects, which helped him becoming a very versatile artist.

‘Always moved and intrigued by technological music’



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