Drone Existence 2019

Deniell Biswane

Deniell Biswane is one of the founders of DRONE-EXISTENCE. 2014 was the year where he teamed up with his companion Dee Marbus and started DRONE EXISTENCE. A Techno movement with big plans for the future and one defining element in mind, to bring quality Techno. The first creation of DRONE EXISTENCE is the DRONE PODCAST. A podcast show that started in 2014 on which they select the finest Techno artists from around the globe. Techno heavyweights and Techno talents that will provide the best live sets, live mixes and studio mixes every two weeks. Techno heroes like: Giorgio Gigli, Mattias Fridell, Tensal, Zadig, Dispar Vulgo, VSK, Alderaan, Kessell, Solenoid and many more.

Deniell has been living and breathing Techno music for a long time. The Millennium was an important year to him when he visited his first Techno party at the age of 15. He became influenced by artists like Speedy J, Jeff Mills, Joey Beltram, Surgeon, Ignition Technician, and Oscar Mulero. Afterwords he defined his taste, and shaped his vision on Techno. With Techno as his main focus, he still has a wide variety of taste in music. But the old-school sound of Techno is always recognized in his music today.

With his solo project under his own name, you can expect a mix of raw driving sounds with lots of melodies and depth. Best descibed as Massive Detroit Techno. With his first gig at the end of 2014 his dj-ing career is started. Highlights so far was his closingset @ PATTERNS, Beach edition 2015 (with dj's like: Model1, Jeskiel Kadmaer and Kelvin Celsius) and his set @ REAKTOR Amsterdam on NYD 2016 (with dj's like DVS1, Ben Sims and Tripeo). He is here to do what he likes best. Being involved with Techno music.


Booking info: Niels Koster at booking@drone-existence.com


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