Drone Existence 2016


Ever since Danny Marbus his alter ego [MØDEL1] was born, his mission was clear. To Stay focused in his development and to embrace the possibilities to elevate his own uncompromising sound. Embracing new ideas and much of the different perspectives that techno has to offer. But he will never forget how it al began, by incorporating the more oldscool sound and vision of techno, to let it function as the backbone in his sound. He has the ability to adapt to the quick changes and developments of hardware and software. With the experience he already gained, he keeps on exploring the possibilities with an almost childlike curiosity. Always driven to Excel and perform at it best. As a dj, producer and live performer.

Inspired by so many great artists and all the possibilities in the international club culture and music scene, Danny Marbus founded Drone Existence in 2014 with his companion Deniell Biswane. The Drone Podcast show offers all kinds of unique dj sets and live sets from techno minded heroes from around the globe. Recent artists like, Alex Bau, Giorgio Gigli, Mattias Fridell, Solenoid and many more!


Booking info: Niels Koster at booking@drone-existence.com